Last Light


Darkness was all she could see, all she could feel there was nothing around her, the voices whispered to her as she sat there alone waiting to be freed

yet no one came she felt herself giving into the darkness as the whispers grew louder as the years passed by, there was no one there to save her from

the shadows and she knew no one wanted to save her, everyone left her in the dark to suffer and fend for herself

How could she be strong when all her light is gone?

Yet, there she stood, smiling down at her with her hand extended. Those deep ruby red eyes stared at her as her with a bright smile, her pale skin

glistened in the light as her short black hair stuck to her face.

She reached out and grabbed her hand then the darkness faded; surrounding them with light.

She was no longer longer scared of the dark because of her last light before her, staying by herside until the end of time.

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