The Last Flower

I give you this lonely flower

Which contains all i can give

I'm sorry I didn't have the power

To give you a better chance to live


But in this world that's dying

Hope for a better tomorrow is rare

There is no use in lying

We will soon run out of air


I've traveled from very far

To see you one last time

To see how sick you are

Who caused you this crime


I haven't seen you in forever

Now you don't remember anything

Lost all memory, never

To remember my protecting wing


My Dove, you never flew back

Even if you did you wouldn't remember

Now you suffered a heart attack

That soft heart, weak and tender


You are the last white flower

Completely innocent to your surroundings

Not knowing, mans last hour

Is slowly, steadily counting


I give this flower, to the last flower

The last innocent being

This is all i can honestly give

A prayer for your wellbeing


This flower I give holds all i can give

My love towards you

My prayer for you to live

Wish you never come to


I give you all I possess

All my good will

Sleep well princess

Know I love you still


I can hardly breath anymore

I will see you soon my love

As my body hits the floor

I see my


Then it ended


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