Last Breath

My soul is beaten, torn, and broken.
I just can't tell which way to go.
I feel like my life has no purpose,
the only time I feel alive is night.
I'm beaten by day,
and dying by night.
I wake up each day,
wishing I was dead.
This hell I'm living in,
is messing with my head.
The soup I eat is cold and tasteless.
The beds where I sleep are old and hard.
I wish I could just fly away,
back to the world I once knew.
My whole family has been burnt to the bone,
so why should I stay alive?
Even if I make it out,
I'll have no place to call a home.
I'm getting tired of fighting.
I think I'll just gibe up.
Everyone hates me,
for the things I believed in.
But, they'be pushed me so far,
I don't even believe in them anymore.
No one cares if I live or die.
I almost hope I take my last breath tonight.


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