Last Bit of Hope

Remember the flower that'd you would pick
Hold up to your nose and smell the sweet scent
Sitting down on the soft grass as the wind blows softly
Your fingers touch the soft petals
Stroking them softly as the grip tightens
You close your eyes.
Deep Inhale.
"He loves me."
"He loves me not."
The flowers soft petals fall down
Laying on the grass as you wonder your fate
"He loves me not"
"He loves me"
Your eyes start to water as you look at the remaining two petals.
You knew it was too good to be true.
It seemed as if it wasn't much
However, it was everything.
"He loves me"
"He loves me not."
The tears fall from their barrier
As Your lips start to tremble.
You knew it from the start.
But wait... You hold up your hand
And smile as the silky touch reassures you
You pluck it off your finger
As the words escape your lips
And the breeze picks up the petal and it glides through the wind
"He loves me."



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