The Large Metal Truck

Sat, 04/16/2016 - 18:21 -- cmg4699

I will always remember all those days as a kid,

when we would sit in that big metal truck and drive away.

You’d role down the windows on those sunny cold days,

and I will always remember how the feeling made me smile.

The bright blinding rays of the sun shined across my skin in a warm way,

but the light breeze wouldn't let them burn.


The best part was that you were sitting beside me in that enormous metal truck.

You’d smile that soft smile that could only be described as unexplainable love.

I’d smile back and hold your hand as you drove us past the vast, partially empty land,

filled with the greenest grass and the beautifully abundant trees that reached for the sky.

The large graceful landscapes,

the birds’ splendid voices that were sent through the air as freely as the way they

soared high above.


I remember how the windy breeze sent the pitch black curtains, that hung around my face,

through the air in the most lovely way. You and that massive metal truck were

my true joy.


Sometimes I’d drift away and think about all the wrong things.

I’d look at the roughly callused skin on your hands and feel a little sharp pain.

You had crossed a deadly border between two states, leaving everything behind, to

find hard working all day and night. All for me and those two boys that I love, hate, and can’t

live without all at the same time.

I’d look at the dark menacing bags under your eyes that told me you were exhausted. All those tears you shed because you and that woman that also meant the world to me

didn’t work out. All those torturing lottery tickets full of empty promises littered on the ground of the grand metal truck.

One day you will have everything the way you have given it to me.

I will always remember all those promises I made in that gigantic metal truck.

After thinking about all the bitter things all I could do is smile at you with the warmest of smiles.

You’d smile back and hold my hand, and I will never give up.

I’d tell you all my promises through my small hands that hardly fit in yours.


I will forever grip on to those days full of promises.

Tons of promises made for you in that large metal truck.

I hope that you won’t forget those days because they will be our future some day.


This poem is about: 
My family


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