Tell me why you’re sitting there absently twirling your jet black hair?

The fluorescent lights shimmer and show the red highlights .

Is that Moscow Mule something  that happens every night ?

I see your toes tapping while looking down at the phone .

Surrounded by people yet were all alone .

Hiding in plain sight ... it’s not exactly what Mom had planned .

Daddy’s gone but I’m sure he’d understand .

Heartbreak has always been in high demand .


Are you waiting for someone ? Do you even know that I’m around ?

Probably not that restraining order seemed to work .

Really I want to tell you that I’m not that kind of jerk .

A catch 22 that only the lonely could understand .

Why did I ink your name on my right hand .


Jennifer you let me down ... that innocent smile that turned into a frown .

Yeah you freaked right out narcissistic beyond a doubt .

Maybe if you’d sober up and get yourself out of that hammered and icy brass cup ?

Hey though it makes sense to me .... Moscow seems to mask our feelings ... in the right moment it even seems like we’re healing .

The daylight and that mirror are always too revealing .


Buy yourself the dimmest bulbs , the mirror might not reflect all your pain .

Fumble through the morning and get right up and do it again .

Your mommas in her bedroom .. she’s been pretty oblivious to your June gloom.

I bet that it brings relief ... that woman was always quite the thief . She took away your love not once ever looking me in the eye . Never even talked to me and was happy to just let me die.


Certainly she cares for you and held me in the brightest light . We all have scars : did showing mine fill you with delight . 

You want me to go away and I just believe I might .

It wasn’t worth all the fuss and it’s that time when heartbreak is just too tough .

Congratulations it worked out just to your plan . 

Yes it’s time to leave as you nod at an incoming man .


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