Lantern of Grace

Though my feeble senses
cannot comprehend why such a lavish of love.
Yet I believe!

Though in my foolishness
You still make me wise
And I can't ask why such a deep heart for me.
Yet I believe!

Though everyday I messed up, yet you give me clean sheets to start all over. You providing the day and the sheet not in fear of my failures to be repeated.
I believe! I receive!

Though I lack the knowledge, I write with many errors of motives
You erase all the ink of errors without my understanding giving me a new chronicle of life.
Yet I believe!

Though it was for my frailty that you were hung on that timber with hurting nails. You told me to go, I'm free
How can I believe that!
Yet I believe!

The borrowed grave was not your home; it was mine, a slave and a master to all mankind.
Yet you degraded it with the shame of been conquered.
How can my feet bend for this king of all realms!
Yet I believe !

This love though not cheap
This mercy though not ordinary.
This hope though not vague
This grace so unequal
All I believe!

This blood never ending
This body always rending
This soul truly pouring
This death too defeating
This sin so nothing
This cross very lifting
This offering really humbling.
All I believe

All I believe on that day
On the EASTER Day
When my saviour
Lights my soul
My Jesus, my Lantern of Grace.

- Victor Meshak

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