Sat, 11/23/2019 - 17:33 -- RonnieL

EYE move best when EYE stay in own

lane. Free of pain for EYE always

embrace my light.

No need to fight. My aura bright. 

Shield negative energy, EYE do me, 

exclusively on universe time tables. 

Ready, willing, and able.

No fable

When thoughts flow EYE let it go,

words form like crescendo vibrating on

mountain tops. Creativity never stops.

EYE drop knocks on open doors, that 

pours sunshine in mind if third EYE not

blind to reach new heights.

No hype

Feel burning sensation when mind

elevation burn like lit candles when 

deep in meditation.

Oh Gawd!

Feel me for I'm weak in depraved

thoughts that surrounds me, covet

thee wading waters deep.

Common man weep as evil beseech the

weak heart and mind.

Hard to find answers when blind to

pathways that point towards truth.

Let loose...the God within to begin the

transition for the mission is evolution for

you to see.

Hear the tick tock of eternity clocks

that unlocks forever if got the right

key. Light and dark forces in me, but

EYE choose the first.

Dispel the curse of dark skin I'm in to be

a sin unleashed unto the world. EYE 

watch ignorance swirl hatred on media

sites, despite not knowing individuals 

plights, for current justice not right.

Police pull triggers blasting,

ask questions later, while bodies pile up at night.

Got my soul screaming, what's the meaning?

Dreams deferred slashed with bloody

hands, for where EYE stand it's

slaughter season. Kiss the rings of

popes like kings, religion anecdote of

respect for church, but he's just a man.

While anscestors ran towards freedom

with open hands of hope, angel of

death noose rope. Choke life from body

hanging, as it sway to and fro seen from

open windows from church house up

the road.

So EYE stay in my lane and

refrain from insane wretchedness that

try to invade cypher.

Pen of words makes spirit brighter

when EYE see.




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