A Land of Opportunity.

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 20:49 -- dionteh

We frequently hear about all of the huge success stories of American companies that became huge, such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and so many more. So, if they can do it, why aren’t we doing it? These great companies are growing every day, but they are the strong and the few. These successful businesses are controlled and owned by the wealthiest one percent of the American economy. Since capitalism keeps wealth from being evenly distributed, the other lower ninety-nine percent doesn’t get to advance in the marketplace; the lowest ten to twenty percent aren’t even able to secure stable employment.

So, one might wonder, “Well, where is the opportunity for these poor, poverty-stricken Americans that can’t even get a secure job?” The answer is plain and simple: They can just start their own business, right? Of course, they can afford to invest in a business of their own, when they can’t even afford to live in a cheap home. Their drives are stuck in the ruts and potholes of the city streets, at the mercy of criminals and thieves, and even the police. These people see ‘opportunity’ whenever someone walks by and gives them spare change. And at night, they have to look up in the houses of other successful men and their spouses, enjoying all the benefits they are lucky enough to reap. While other families are blessed enough to feast every night, these poor people see a ‘land of opportunity’ for food every time they look out the window of a train in the subway station. They see tasty rats, and beyond that, there is nothing more than a beautiful, concrete wall.

In this land of opportunity, when the going gets tough, who can they call?

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