Land of the Free is Land of Poverty

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 17:43 -- poet

Escalation of aggravation involving into alienation
from zero problems arrive to tear apart our just supposed nation
“Land of the Free” has just become a pseudonym for “Land of Poverty”
Our whit washed history forced fed until we are full of ignorance
patting out glutinous bellies until we vomit the comfort ability to pacify our belligerence
I say this with a mouth full of open sores, pulled and torn by this mercantile world
a constant genocide of minds which leaves nothing behind but a faint trace of broken faith
consumed by the very goods we produce
lost in the greed of our perpetual apathy
everything from nothing
everything from something
everything from the minuscule issues exaggerated into life long trivial trivia
further enhanced by media
so big brother send detective to detect defective possession of information
cause from zero will escalate into passing change that will bind us down to your
endless alienation.



Your frustration with social issues is clearly wrought--I especially enjoy "I say this with a mouth full of open sores"--and, fortunately, widely shared by many. Writing poetry about the modern continuation of apathy and poverty is an excellent way to spread information about these things, as many people are unfortunately unaware they still exist (strange as that may seem). I recommend really studying "Howl" by Allan Ginsburg (you're definitely sharing the same vibe that poem has--try to tap into it more). Also, if possible, try to read or listen to the closing speech from The Great Dictator, the 1940 film by Charlie Chaplin (you can find videos of that segment, I think, on YouTube).


that was dope

Stephanie D.

"Escalation of aggravation"- the most powerful combination of words. I love this poem, it was absolutely brilliant in every way.

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