Land of the free

America the free

But are we really free?

Striving to contain a positive image

Looking into the mirror

Not many like what they see

Remain a healthy mindset is what I strive to do

Remain awoken to oppurtunity

Speak my piece although alot goes unsaid

Maybe thats the problem

No one listens til their dead

An egotistical society

People thinking they're bigger in their head

But it's all within the mind

I gotta question this world we live in

What's going on with mankind

We go against each other instead of teaming up together

Are we really that confined?

Are we really free?

What is red, white and blue really defined to be?

We struggle hard to gain prosperity

I look around just to gain a sense of clarity

Is the money really helping out and going out to our charity?

Many are focused on only growing their own money tree

Is America really free to you and me?

I see us being divided individually

Taking a piece of my culture away 

I witness so much bigotry

I witness so much judgement

So much damage 

Many being taken to advantage

Theres alot that we gotta manage

The home of the brave is what it's claimed to be

from what they chanted

Yet many peoples wishes get taken for granted

What I just don't understand is how some voted for our current President

How did a ignorant rule the planet?

So much intolerence

And we're all quiet 

But we must speak up as an audience

We're all affected by the violence 

We're more than our pigment, religion, identity and sexual preference

So why shouldn't we earn deference?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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