Land of the Free



When you take a breath, what do you feel?


Do you feel alive or ready to help this nation thrive even more?


Now think.


When you walk down the street, do you ever ponder


“Will this be the last time I get to see the world’s wonders around me?”


“Is this my last day and throw it all away again?”





What do you see when you look at the world?


Do you see happiness, glee, or cheer?

Or do you see the thousands of refugees- more fleeing year by year.


Begging us to to lend a helping hand

To bring them to the promised land that is our country of the free.


But we can’t be bothered to help the needy,

Because we’re too busy helping the greedy get to power.


No longer is this the Land of the free.


This is the place where people come when they are displaced by our own armies and their enemies needing to flee.


And this is a place where children who are abused

Are refused a loving home where they can grow and rest their head.


A country where mental scars are met with judgmental parents,

Causing uncoincidental feelings of resentfulness.  


When bad grades feel like hand grenades going off in our brain,

Which drives us students insane.


Where emails are being hacked

And walls are being placed to counteract

The fact that we aren’t a nation of immigrants.

When, in fact, we are.


Women being grabbed and Muslims being banned.

Why can’t people understand that we told ourselves in 1945,

“Never again.”

But we’re seeing the same old shit play on repeat.

And people following and voting for the government’s subtle deceit.


This is what happens when the shepherd is hateful

And the sheep are ungrateful.

And, hey, what’s the difference between proficiency and growth?

I wouldn’t ask Betsy Devos, because she doesn’t know.


This is the land off the free.

You’re free to agree... Or to not.

Where the cherokee live

And were once deprived of the rights we stole from them years ago.


We’re a country of teens turn who turn drugs to cope

With the fact they’re losing hope for their future.

We are an international tidal wave

Of misbehaviors that pave the way to our own destruction.


But together we can feel alive and help this nation thrive.

Together we can walk down the street and see the world’s wonders.

As one we will rise and preach to the masses, “We will not throw today away!”
Because today is when we change our ways.

We will look to the future with love in our hearts,

Because I know that we can achieve this.

We just have to believe in the Land of the free.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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