Land of the Fickle

They say this the Land of the Free, well wait let's see

You brought my ancestors in shackles,changed their names,and branded them like cattle

Freedom came with a hidden agenda and freeing niggas wasn't on the itinerary

They say this is the Land of the Free, well I'm waiting to see

Just for your entertainment you hung my people from trees, tar and feather, water hose, and church burnings

This free land cost a lot of bloodshed

They say this is the Land of the Free, well you tell me is that what you see

He ran that's why they shot him, she yelled that's why they shot her, #AllLivesMatter so stop your whining

On top of that let's build a wall, fuck the poor, and Feminazis ugh who cares

Because this is Amerikkka, Land of the Fickle. 

Our Freedoms at a cost, their freedom is guaranteed 



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My country
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