Lament of the Sky

The clouds will always roll in.

They'll build up, expand, keep coming

until the day turns to a solid gray.


Storms are good only if they give back,

and when the rains come,

and they only drain the life on this earth,

something is dreadfully wrong.


So goes the nutrients, minerals, vitamins and energy-

all washed out.

So goes the cycle-

the circle of living in our dying environments;

So goes the growth,

for the awaited drink of life has been poisoned.

The poison comes from the wicked hands of ignorance, of contempt.


The struggle for life is continuous-

attacks are everyday in some place.

This is our only home,

why do we care so less,

know so little?


And while storms ravage down here,

and storms rage in the clouds,

somewhere way above

there's a great big blue sky

fighting on the other side.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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