A Lament for Eurydice

Tue, 10/15/2019 - 12:47 -- RPD

A beautiful flower I lost today.

The flower named Eurydice.

A beautiful flower pierced by the serpent's fangs.

A sweet opiate poison coursed through her veins.

Taking away my beautiful Eurydice.


Once, addicted to my music she was so gay.

Her love of my musical notes,

Made her grasp for higher emotions.

A serpent's fangs, the needle prick, 

And my music, sent her high.


They sent her far off to planes I too could follow,

If I but let the serpent prick. 

But I could not and instead watched, 

As my high flying Eurydice was taken from me.


I begged her to stop,

But she had delved to far.

Her love for me was not enough,

The scars of fangs continued to mar Eurydice.


Once there was hope,

She loved me solely for a month.

The serpent had left,

Vowing to cease his endless visits.


But a shedded snake holds the same pattern

He secretly returned unwanted again.

Taking ahold of my Eurydice.

It knew her form, better than even I. 


Her soft lips turned blue.

Her voice was chocked

She did not move

Voices of panic floated around my head,

As I watched the poison destroy my Eurydice.


Eurydice! Eurydice!, I cried

Now I am pierced by many serpent's fangs.

Eurydice! Eurydice!, I cry

In hopes they'll return my Eurydice.

Eurydice! Eurydice! I scream


Come back to me as once you did!

Let you be mine, and I yours!

The serpent bites one last time.






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