Summer makes me want to be lakeside.


The smell of boat exhaust and lake water,

Is so familiar, it comforts me so.

I miss coming here with you father,

I love hiking, but fishing is your favorite, I know.


I miss pitching our tents and riding the boat.

I’m old enough now to go without my life coat.

I’m old enough now to be on my own,

Your little girl is an adult, but don’t worry I’m not alone.

I have so many people, who support my dream,

I even still feel your support and see your face gleam.


I don’t feel you at the cemetery,

I only see dirt and rocks.

You’re not there, you were not buried.

You’re still with us, I feel you on my walks.

I feel you with me when I succeed and when I fail,

I know your laughing with me when I lose my trail.

I feel you by my side when I cry,

But most of all, I feel you when I’m lakeside.


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