Ladies Start Acting Like Ladies


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From overuse of makeup

To having sex to make up

The women of this society have

Began to lose their touch

They’ve become victims

Victims to men who’d rather

Nut then be a friend

Victims to what magazines say is in

Name brand clothes just to fit in the

Image everyone else projects

What’s next? Spending money on
thousand dollar bags

When their mom can’t afford to even pay the rent

It’s sad out here. Our priorities are focused on clothes

Then having the logo of “college girl”

We’d rather live in a city full of violence where

Boys sag their pants and call us T.H.O.T.S[1]

Then get out of the state and ride in yachts

We think this is it

this is what it has come to

Being called a bitch

Fighting because someone disrespected your set

Wearing weaves because it makes us feel legit

Calling each other niggas like slaves didn’t fight to abolish this

And it’s sad we know nothing about our history yet

We can remember lyrics to a degrading song

And sing em like nothing’s wrong the women

Of this society are losing their touch

It’s time for ladies to start acting like ladies

Or else we’ll never get respect



[1] These Hoes Out There



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