Ladies man

Ladies swoon when he picks up his spoon man he ll take them straight to the moon. It's a spiritual dance these ladies don't even have a chance oh they try to take a defensive stance . But they can't last long not once they hear his,song so onerous purely sonerous  from the very first note they dream of laying prostrate on his boat . Their knees buckle the only sympathy they get is a mere chuckle as a smile grows on his,face . He pleases them without leaving a trace . They melt at once in his embrace . So confident and debonair his sexy aroma fills the air . Oh you will want time to spare ladies line up fir a chance to stare dude don't give a care so rare a find one who can exude such sexiness life to him is  a game of chess  don't mean to be rude but the crude and lewd need not apply don't even try because the job is taken he's certainly forsaken those that came before him . You want a glimpse maybe a sight of a limb well you just missed em he went for a swim . You see he also has a lover named tim gay ? Straight? Labels passay these days it don't matter if your Straight or gay people just want the right to play . Sorry to break the news to you much to my dismay I just do what they say I'm at my best when i obey . The magic man will see you now don't slobber or drool dude just got out of the pool whatever you do dont loose  your cool. You see the sign? If your a tool we ll send you straight to shule. Not a jew you say ? Whatever your faith we just don't play .  Ok your time is here step right up he's beyond the curtain . Wait I must be certain. Need to pat you down . Don't want any crazy clown up in here .  Ok your good. I'll be waiting here for you once your done he will see you now don't have to much fun or look him straight in the eye dude so pretty he ll make you want to cry .  bye bye.

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