Lace and Charm

Look at you

All dolled up with no place to go

Its no wonder people hate you so

An ugly heart 

Disguised with lace and charm

I wonder if anyone notices

Those marks on your arms

You got what you wanted

Beauty and fame

But a tattered soul is all that remains

Just look what he's done to you

Taking everything, leaving only pain

Just open your eyes and see

This power and greed 

Has now taken the lead

A shadow of the girl I once knew

I would have shared my lace with you

But that time has come and gone

Because you are already moving on

I wonder if you hadn't fallen for his charm

If you would still be safe from harm

I warned you of those enticing things

That torror and sadness is all that he brings

No one sees the tears you wipe away

All the while keeping your screams at bay

I can’t watch you do this to yourself any longer

This ruse evident of your self-harm

All because of his lace and charm





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