Sun, 09/17/2017 - 14:56 -- tay3479

Sick of the way my mind is because society told me how to be before I could find anything out for myself.


Sick of being called names and tired of all of the labels that "don't mean shit"...

But they mean absolutely everything at the same time. 


People say don't worry about what they say about you, you know who you are, and your real friends do too...

But what if those labels and names go beyond the people who know you...

What if those names are taken seriously by other people.

What happens when you lose respect from people you don't know because of people who don't truly know who you are.


It doesn't matter, right?

They don't know you...


But what if you lose respect from those who matter to you because of those who didn't matter to you.


And you never did anything to ever deserve to be labeled.

You never did anything to deserve these names


But people called you them jokingly...

Because it's so funny right...


People who don't know you don't think about the damage that they will do to you Because when those names come back to you, they do matter.


People tell you not to worry...

But you will worry.


What happens when you know who you are, but other people think that they know you through what they've heard?

What happens when you are disrespected so widely that you can't control it. 


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