i am a puerto rican 

a taino black puerto rican that is not label, just telling you who i am

I know my history without the world labeling me as a threat

this is my bloodline

that's not the way the world sees me as

every time i infuse the truth in speaking God's words to win over souls

the world perceives me as a Jesus freak

but it's not me

the day i came out of my mom's womb, thanks be to God

i didn't come out and tell folks

her everyone

i'm puerto rican

i was taught to be a hispanic

i was taught to be black

and you were taught to call me a hispanic

you hear people calling me black, therefore, you call me black

along with whatever you call yourself

this is a label

society tags us with

from the time of our birth

the world shove labels down our throats without even tasting it

to see if we like it or not

we end up swallowing it without reason

we digest labels and though it may fill us

it's unfulfilling

but who are we to doubt labels

but there's a problem

labels doesn't define me, you or anybody

labels is what it is, labels

who we really are is not skin deep

if i were to drive a small 1980 throwback Toyota tercel, no one will ever confuse that car for me

but if i drive my body to be strenghten everyday 

that comes from within all due to Phillipians 4:13

why do society confuse me for my body

it's my body

don't understand

i'll break it down to all of you

our bodies are like toyota cars that drive

swirl on corners, and operate on different horsepower

the car dealership we label as society

label me as the black hybrid limited edition

yours is the rav4 white edition, yours is the sienna tan edition, yours is the tundra dark brown edition

and with no money down , 0 percent APR rate without even test driving us

we were forced by society to drive these cars

and not get a chance to upgrade for something better

we are force to drive these same beat up cars for the rest of our lives

forgive me for saying this

i fail to see the logic of how i'm being judge

and judging others

by the cars we drive

who we really are is  hidden inside

i'm not going to use science because like a school system, they fail us

that's why we're label as school to prison pipeline

back to my original point

race in the human species doesn't exist

science say they we are all mixed genetically

but to our Heavenly Father who creates us are unify as one spiritually

hate goes way back in the days during the time of kane and abel

hate that continues to surge when romans humiliated people who believe in Jesus

because He is teaching us the word "love"

historians can lecture about how centuries later people are learning how to seperate

pardon me if i sound like a boring teacher in high school

i just have one question

who are you if the world never labels you

who are you if you didn't have to identify yourself in a job application

who are you?

latino, not hispanics




a native american


middle eastern

south american

absolutely, unequivically not

we are one under God's grace

we would be together

we would edify and end the oppression of crucify

we would not call each other 

hispanics (by the way world. that word doesn't exist)

black people, white people,etc..........

those labels blinds us of seeing the unseen

instead our environment is suffocating us with judgemental, prejudicial, & artificial idiots

who is teaching us to distort truths

piercing out spirits to hate 

if you allow these labels to define you

as stephen a. smith say, you came up small 

when in actuality, you need to be big time

confinement of division leads to conflicts

conflicts leads to war

wars happen because it evolves around labels

it's not us against each other

it's us against the world, not to retaliate, but to educate

about labels

terminating the isms, you know sexism, racism,terrorism

that these beloved (i'm being sarcastic) politicians fail to pay attention to

the book of James, ch 4, verse 7 states

therefore, submit to God, resist & rebuke the devil & watch him flee

we rebuke by casting the labels down completely

no one wasn't born racist, it is taught by generations that has been curse

love is never based on color, it's about caring for one another

that is the mission God have for us

the questions is , are we going to listen? 

we need to listen because He knows more than us

stop listening to the world that falsify fictions that's unfactual

only thing labels does is clog our ears, close our eyes & distort the truth

at the end of this spoken words where i'm conveying facts

i'll be dismiss and people rather follow a notification signal that a pokemon go character was located at starbucks

do me a favor

before you unfriend me on FB and/or stop speaking to me

just keep this thought in mind

a catepillar is a baby shell until it grows to a beautiful butterfly that flies 

we need to be a catepillar that grows out of that shell and soar like eagles in the sky

we the people are not label like kids who have tons of energy ADHD

DNA will not be regulated by the FDA

so when are we going to figure this out

when we repent our sins, ask for forgiveness so The Lord can set us free

to do His will and give Him all the glory






This poem is about: 
Our world


Charles Muchori

Yo boss! I came across this piece a while ago and I like the pride with which you declare your presence exuding confidence yet not threatening. I like how you bring out the aspect of your differences and how they define your person but not your personality. Great work bro. Well thought out and thoughtful.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Thanks for the support brother
This is a poem that exudes authentication that provokes truth in awakening people
It's all about acceptance of one another

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

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This is the time thst I came across your work, Mr. MVP. Your piece moves me in a sense of redefining who I am beyond label and classification. As a father of two boys, I witness my words be repeated and my actions emulated through my little kings. Labelling myself and others is indeed a barrier from uniting oneself and uniting one another. Thank you for the enlightenment.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

I'm speaking boldly and honestly
My poems are about connecting to the audience
My words resonate truth at its core
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