La Llorona

Growing up my life was nothing more than cosmic justice

Being the daughter of a ghost who killed her children

A lot of stigmas to go with that

A lot of stigma and some mommy issues too 

I grew up quiet 

For if I ever cried, sang, or made my voice too loud

My voice would become a wail to echo through the woods

My voice was a curse

My voice was “horrific”

I was destined to be a mourning woman

Another Llorona 

To haunt the riversides

But then one day

While haunting the LA river with my mother

I let myself cry just a bit

I let myself feel the pain I withhold 

And as if fated 

a producer came into the fold 

Holding a fishing rod as brilliant as the river’s glow 

He told me my voice was mesmerizing

Not realizing I was dead

He told me I could top the charts

Knock Billie Ellish out of her throne

And so I did

I grew up thinking my voice was a curse

Now I know its a gift

A gift I share with the world

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