L3 is making me crazy

L3 is the coach

Do not debate her-you will lose

L3 has three names that start with an L

First middle last. 'ell, do not debate her

She is five feet tall but is the toughest person you will ever dread

She is a debate team coach who will push you to worker harder than you thought you could 

L3 will teach you how to debate

She will teach you how to research and how to argue your case

Practice is at 6:00 dont be late.

A new case by this Friday? both pro and con?

but this is midterm week and a swim meet Thursday on

She smiled and said "you can do it"

L3 is crazy, brutal, and delusional...but

She was right,  I somehow got through it

L3 took us to tournaments that lasted 12 hours three days each

L3 made me a debater and competitor of speech

I worked harder for L3 than any teacher in school

I learned how to push myself, to speak and to rule

Learn your topic, organize your reasoning

write like a litigator, prepare your cross examining

L3 made me a responsible, thinking citizen

a researching writer of arguements, a debate partner, and friend

L3 is a giant five foot tall 

A mentor, challenger, the best life teacher of all 

L3 is the coach-do not debate her 




Laura Gardner

My debate Team coach was a volunteer. She did not teach at my high school, she volunteered her time two nights a week and all the weekends that we travelled out of town to tournaments. She was absolutely tireless in her devotion to the life sport of debate.

Because of this giant human, I can research and write and speak better than I ever thought possible. I am a much more strong, independent, critical thinking, student and person because of her coaching.

Thank you, L3 

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