The "L" Word.

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 18:45 -- Tinted



Formally convicted of nasty vision inflicted. What kind of classification am I relating to, too much big words I'm done, over, through. Dumb forever young like ash and his pikachu from poke'mon. You are the one and I chose you! Nevermind, remember no relation, I was out of time thinking about my ride at the train station.  As I cried, I put my face in ya lap while it dripped from saturation. I left, told you I'd be right back. I lied thats a fact. I lost my darn heart I hope you remember that. She even took my hat and ran with it. I even kissed her hand like a true gen-tle-man still can't believe I did it. I even took your face, I wonder if the lips I got to taste was just a waste. Thought I wasn't good enough, I said you deserved a better place. I thought I was in love, but I was just a fucking fool turned into a nutcase. That bubble on your lip put me a bad perspective, but you didn't believe my words and thats your choice so I guess I should respect it. I must admit, it felt pretty good for the longest. Grandpa told me it was puppy love, but I felt like it was the strongest, thing I've ever felt. I fell head first and ended up with a welt. Mommy said I was being bad, I pleaded for anything but the belt. On my last note, well you probably never got the first one. Burnt it on your porch, set it ablaze, read it when it's done burning. I'll be the deadman laying in my coffin tossing and turning. Hows that life I heard you were living, I hope you understand every word I've ever written. I feel like fighting, time to get what you've been giving.


"I hate to tell ya that I smile sometimes about it and when you see me in the streets, in the halls, or one day on the walls, you won't doubt it"


back to the start, I don't know if I'm making this for you or just to fill an empty space in my heart. Rap and romance, I turned it into art. Every breath I've been breathing been seeking, seeping in your lungs and whether you like or not I'm still not leaving!




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