Kunta's Dream

 The ghost of a panther
Leave me in jungle searching for answers
Rewriting the constitution I'm losing my stamina.
The test of a common cancer.
I search for the damage.
The keep calling me Moses.
Because parting the Reds and Blues.
I keep parting my oceans.
Fame addicting like potion.
Yet my name is the poison.
You forgetting your Roots.
Leaves Living in paranoia.
I'm growing and deeply soiled.
Other races is burning with worry but to a certain degree
Heard my roots stopped churning
Learned they started burning.
But you thinking about your family tree, so isn't that Levar burden
My roots will never be molded
My Roots are like huge sequoias
I know bout living scenes
Minorities say the set
These children the next Ted Demme
The way there life is a movie
Clips and extra shooting
I'm trying to have kuntas dream
And hold onto to my beliefs
Milk and honey hive?
 For bees leaving to thrive without a tree, is heat inside of a sea.
No breathing its no meaningPlead being reprieved we seek to deceive the sieving
Buying up any land without knowing we're the receipt is
Plant ourself anywhere without understanding the seating
Dreading going bald
Not knowing that we reseeding
Then thinking we eating
When people tweeting they're beefing. They always talk about lets meet
Like plant it in my agenda briefingGetting green like a vegan
Knowing this is the reason your cousin sent to the heavens
But your heaven sent
You better be telling all them fellas your reeking of salmonella
There's a ocean of green I'm picking my watermelons
Cause roots is pristine
You digging deep into hell or..... Before we like relish becomes a relic between U.S.
Fallon all on the TV like Johnny became a relic
Late night highlights like Jay forgetting your Letterman
Better than me with the tress or the
Sentiments to the man in the chair,says the chairman.
 Telling some woman over there when to send him in
You can go home, no pay. I ain't feeling it.
Hurt below his legs on the job he ain't feeling it butt
What is whatever forever saying its never better
How can I be a herald. What do I have to charish
A panthers roar is never heard but only foretold
Kuntas takes three steps....yet we remain a footless soul
I woke from this nightmare knowing we'll never awake.
How can Washington sleep during these two great debaters?


This poem is about: 
Our world


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