Kristen's Metamorphosis

You and I

One spark of life

In the warm and wet

How long were we the same person?


That one

Split into two identical halves

Drifting exponentially apart

With each passing year

Till they had nothing in common.


Our differences

Are a fog of acid droplets

It hurts to breathe

You don’t want to find me

Bring me back home

Where we can be together again

And forgive each other.


You’d rather stay

Far away

In your new house, with your husband,

My replacement,

And leave me out here,

Sightless eyes seeing only gray

As I feel my old self

Being stripped away

Eaten by dispair.


But a new me rises

From the ashes. 

I’m no longer an egg

In a womb,

A copy of you.

I’m successful in my own right.


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