Korean Dramas

Wed, 09/17/2014 - 18:40 -- Tanssia

There's something to be said 

that I seem to find my little piece of happiness

in these people's turmoil and drama.

My brother calls me stupid

and says it's just a show.

It's not. It's more than that.

The acting, the expressions, the emotions

The relatability is zilch.

But maybe that's the draw. 

Because it's crazy, because it's kooky

Because it's unreasonable, and not ever gonna happen

It gives me hope.

My mother says I should stop cackling

and should go study instead.

Does picking up a couple korean words count?

I find myself infatuated with the lifestyle there

It's so different. 

It's like a looking at a different world.

One I'd like to join.

And it's sad if I really think about it because

I'm basically watching others live their lives while

my own is on pause.

but...I can't find myself willing to stop either. 

They make me laugh and in a world

that tries every second to beat you up

it's nice to find something to smile at. 

Something you can laugh at until you're gasping for breath.





OMG same here I love korean dramas got my whole family into them now my mom is addicted XD


I know right? They're totally awesome! Love the pics! Glad to meet a fellow fan. :P


OMG! I am exatly the same way with the Kdramas. I cackle and cry laughing when the boys carry the awkward girls on there back. I've fallen in love with every super rich socipath with a crush on the poor, not exactly pretty new scholarship student girl with bad manners and some obscure problem

My Korean friends say that lots of the cultural references are pretty acurate but they laugh when I use my three Korean words. Hang in there, Fighting!

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