To Know


Most of my thoughts derive from questions.

I don't know if that's how everyone thinks,

but it's the only way that I know how.


Sometimes a random fact will fleet across my mind that I already know,

but mostly I think about what I don't know.

I puzzle over it, or I talk about it, or I search for it.


I think because I want to know,

I want to learn.


I want to hear all of the stories,

from epic tales to familial inside jokes,

and I want to hear them in the native tongues of all the different people.


I want to know how to communicate with everyone,

and laugh with strangers,

and cry with new friends.

I think that people are beautiful.


I want to learn about different religions.

I want to hear their intricacies from those most passionate about them.

I think that faith is a powerful, wonderful thing.

I want to know why.


I want to delve into ancient tomes,

and I want to peruse books of new discoveries.

I want to think about what I read.


I want to learn about secret caves

that only the children of the nearby town know about.

I want to explore,

and think about what I find.


I want to know about space.

It is so vast

and so full of wonder

and so empty

all at once.


What aliens dwell at the bottoms of the oceans?

What undiscovered creatures live in the rainforests?

What strange beings thrive in our own backyards that we don't know?


I want to see the unlimited potential of technology in action.

We will just keep growing,

and thinking,

and learning.

Will it ever stop?


I think not.

I hope not.


I think that maybe I'm being too specific.

I think that maybe I'm being too vague.


I think because I want to discover,

I want to create.

I want to invent new technology and write new worlds into existence.

I want to know and I want to give knowledge back.


I think because of the whirlwind of words inside of my head

that are waiting to be pieced together

into coherent structure.

My thoughts are not even always words.


Sometimes they are completely spontaneous bursts of emotion.

They are little spots of light that won't be ignored.

They glow brighter until I give them a form that deserves to be spoken,

to be written,

to be heard.


I think because I can;

I think because I can't stop.


I think because I want to know.

I think because I am human;

without thought I wouldn't deserve that designation.

We thrive on creation.



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