This is so tangled, 

I can't figure out what happened. 

He loves her and she loves another 

and now I love him.  

Funny how you think this

kind of confused doesn't exist.  

Everyone wants what they can't have I guess. 

But how can I want now what I never thought I would?  

This was an accident, I swear.  

I never meant to get tangled up in this. 

I was just following the thread, 

trying to escape the maze. 

I ran into you  

coming round another identical bend.  

Now I'm caught up in this mess. 

Chasing a boy chasing a girl chasing a boy  

and I still want out. 

I crave my freedom even more than before. 

But am only increasingly trapped . 

I could just cut the cord, 

abandon my fledgling heart, 

let it die in the cold. 

But I would have to leave my string, 

still wrapped round you,

the one who will never love me,  

and travel blind and numb 

lost forever in this maze.  

I don't know where the path will lead me now  

and I'll probably be walking round in circles. 

But no heart is better than pain. 

Freedom is far better, 

for true love this is knot. 



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