Sun, 02/23/2020 - 03:46 -- Psych0

I'm knock'n at your door
so I knock some more
it's okay
I'm not going away
trust me, when I say..
I'm here to stay
I'm sorry it may not mean much
but I promise I won't judge
I'm knocking at your door
You won't be able to ignore
I'm right here
please don't be so distant
I'm not going anywhere.
If only I knew, what you've been through..
tell me your secrets
I want to be there for you.. 
I'm still knock'n
waiting for you to open
waiting for you to put down that bottle of gin 
Let me in
You've helped me through so much
I can't thank you enough
Now its my turn.
I won't let you fall
I won't let you burn.
just trust me, take down that wall
I know you are a little unsteady
I'll stay here and wait until you are ready

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