Knives and Pens


If I may only have my hands for companions

And must live my days

On a bed in the darkest hole

Then let me have a pen


Let my eyes grow weary from squinting

Let my fingers cramp

Watch as my back bows with the weight

Of old age and youth lost

But let me have a pen


For when the world seems

The darkest

And wickedest place

The pen will keep me safe


And when monsters peer over

The edge into the darkest hole

Squinting and jeering at me

Teeth wet with their hunger

I will have a pen


For even the cruelest creature

And the harshest word

Can be erased when my thoughts

Crawl through my veins

And bleed black ink


The pen lands blows more heavily

Than any sword

I can slay any beast

With a pen at my hand

And my heart in my throat


Let me have a pen


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