The knight of my heart


My mind cannot settle when its filled with thoughts,

and those thoughts will not come out unless they are spoken about.

But how can this be done when im the angry one?

Words that sting and slip off my tongue to be lost in translation of my loved one.

 I do not wish for this to be but in the end its all because of me...

Left in an atmosphere of hate i can not escape

 i search my mind to find the words to unwind the time,

But the clock ticks on and the words remain undone.

I ponder on ways to get out of this haze,

but my mind remains in favor of the hateful place.

 Thoughts that do not wash away are sure to be found another day.

 This process will repeat untill it is broken and i dont want to let things go unspoken,

So i leave my mind behind and travel south to find my heart wishing for a fresh start.

With every beat it speaks and tells me its ready to patch up the leaks.

 The knight of my heart is ready to let down its guard and fight the fears that have haunted me over the years.

Like the changing of the tides the clock begins to rewind..

as i forget all the words that filled his ears and brought me to tears,

because things that are said in a moment of hate are words that are forgiven at a later date...



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