kneeling with honesty

Deep in the ocean of kindness,
The fraternity of envious men swam to break the trust
Guns and roses as the weapon of love,
I saw the white dove
Caged above the sky she coaxed the earthly happiness.

Changing faces the peculiar moves
Was well noticed,
I fought my own focus, with dirty waters and foreign tokens.
They knew better than I
Walking the idles of purgatory,
But I saw the pews of heaven
Opposing corrupted jews and the devil
And sat,
With a question mark beating my heart beating.

Its sad, how my people are mentally losing the war,
It's a dreamland of cause
Soul fractured in new secular order,
Its big cloud of bewilderment, I know the light is eminent
My robust faith in the fiddle hate,
I've gone deep verbally escaping mediocrity.

God help me I need to concede the transformation,
I'm still crying after the death reigned on my only mother,
And that's one of the prominent doors
That held me lost, constantly
I also heard that procrastination is the fertilizer of difficult growth
So then, I fixed myself with this times abyss
No matter if I knew better
Poverty was never a coincidence,
With the room of some hypocrites
Eating my strength,
Drinking my tears, laughing my language as I'm deserted with the courage

I vowed to my own peace
So sweet,
How I've captured myself solely
She was the first to the second and third finding some love in me
Cowardly, fear lied distant just to travel back
God please forgive me for my sins, my heart is still dirty
As I'm still searching for clean grounds to kneel with honesty.


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