A Kiss to build a Dream

Thu, 07/11/2013 - 01:05 -- Justrun

Give me a kiss to build a Dream

A love of a lifetime we want to seek 

Your heart you have given me 

To trust and to hold 

Never to break 

Everyday, of every minute, of every hour

 Gently we embrace our between our body and soul

A quite touch of our hands guide us to believe

You are the one i love with all my might

the one i think of every night 

The one who helps me make things write

The one i dream of at night

And the one im not giving up putting up at fight 

You my dear are the reason why i go on

This heart of mine is reserved for you

You are my World 

My sunshine 

I may not be your first , your last , or your only

But remeber this, no matter what anyone else says 

No matter what they do

They can not keep me from falling in love with you 

Can not keep me from wanting to be with you

No matter what they think of you 

I wont change how i feel about you. 




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