King's Red Hill

Tue, 03/05/2019 - 00:44 -- ESW


King’s Red Hill



I find myself on King’s red hill, overlooking the words, move or stand still.

A decision that requires not much thought, although our history has been fraught with blood, sweat, toil and tears.

A generation later my choices still clear, I walk the straight and narrow not moved by fear.

I know that injustice is a big part of life, I know that inequality is everyone’s fight.

I know that it is time to hold the banner of old with crests distinctive with colors that fold, into the fabric that we all share regardless of race, place, inspiration or despair.

Change is kinetic, one movement at a time or perhaps it’s all connected like this lyrical rhyme.

King said it best when he traveled the South where hatred and oppression opened its mouth.

Tried to shallow him whole only to find, it is hard to eat a person whose words are unquestionably sublime.

Go ahead racism spit it all up! Go ahead injustice puke in a cup!

Instead feed your hunger with hope and faith, the feeling of fullness will make you say grace.

The view from my hill is stunning to me whether standing, sitting or taking a Kaepernick knee.

For MLK knew that the key was not lost, in the generational lawn with a casual toss.

The key is always there in humanities door.

Unlocked with kindness, compassion and more.

King’s words were big, let our actions be bigger.

King’s thoughts were loud, let our voices be triggers.

Poetic ammo with indiscriminate aim at jangling discords that will run in shame.

Just think of the prospects, equality for all.

If our symphony requires a brotherhood to play, let dignity’s instrument sound the way.

When Freedom rings, answer the call! When freedom sings, clap and stand tall!

I can’t do this myself so I make this plea, for you to stand locked in arms with me.

I find myself on King’s red hill. Overlooking the words, I have moved not stood still.




                                                            -Evan Wyno

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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