King Emory A Salute To Tom Brady

King Emory Stick ( Salute To Tom Brady)
shaped throughout the love of God
gone with the breeze taken from Cape Cod
bullet holes through various love come keep us together (Love)..
an elderly muse shaped understood through the trees
baby's breath coupled with who shall please
marked in the course of beans

my true art shine in Super sting
so make me bleed the traffic torn disease
see ya latter please

potato etched through the surface of the moon
build on the surface as one
or has it just begun
lead us on Tom Brady...,

lead us to the pilgrim perfect shore
seering cries to case some more
you have to continu to trust in Jesus
licensed stock brevity

on my Gucci a seventh sense so perfect
want to climb to the surface
bask in the vast expanse
caught between time & space
near a bit off the course
stand still to climb

bask again in the pilgrim stance
light abode the message well known
chosen to express a well built of a test to go
risen to your feet stand still & repeat
in a fault of a dream

daze through the elements scene
you made the silence board ring
some may sing the tune of suspense means
further through each indulgence,

whether to live or die a quaint belt frozen left behind
we shiver inside
number two pencil etched to the make believe
we hurry through each duration of letting go to the extreme

fix your eyes reflected from disguise
left through the chord of meager means
light upon light shaped in the honor of letting go
upon each episode we shall see

one kiss to please

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My family
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