Kindness Goes a Long Way

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 17:32 -- DaniJ

It’s kindness that allows us to love
  love a partner, love a friend, love family, love life
  it's not about the money to buy us love
  it's about the love that buys us time
  time is what gives us pleasure
  pleasure is what gives us joy
  now lets talk about that joy-
  joy in life comes from the heart
  the heart is what keeps us humans living
  the heart warms the people around us
  the heart is full of kindness
  kindness-now that is one BIG topic
  a topic that can make or break someone’s day
  a topic that shows a loved one how much you care
  kindness is a topic that can save or destroy a life
  kindness goes a long way
  an act of kindness can keep a frown away
  away from a friend
  away from a stranger
  a simple smile or wave can keep a frown away
  a frown caused by unkind acts
  a frown caused by uselessness and hopelessness
  a frown caused by a multitude of reasons
  but you as a kind human, can keep a frown away

(now read again from the bottom up)  

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