kind of person

It's kind of personal when you look in the dark, noticing things that flyies like a darts,

when you knock it out the park, my mind is set on one topic and one topic only,

music says everything that words couldn't possibly, take down takel these idiots do not understand,

education isn't everything... what I think I gotta laugh, I love to learn new things but it's hard to understand,

it's a challenge for the new skins and myth with the fans, being hated not unhated the hatred is my path,
When your hated by the others, who couldn't possibly understand,

big ups to tha educators who were educated enough to educate us, on why we meditate,

for the sake to be a saint, or saved from my fate to be fake like the others,

I guess I spoke the truth when I say these words are from my mother and she can definatly say the others will try to be like me, 


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