Killing Yourself

Oh my...

You said you just wanted to get high

But now it's like you need something more to get by

First a pill now it's some kind of white powder

Yet you complain over your body you have no power

Watching you slowly go down

Nothing on my face but a single tear and a frown

I try to ask and beg you to quit

But only hateful words do you spit

On your wrists you slit

And your parents throw a fit

You laugh and take it as a joke

But truth is the drug you continue to take in....your body revokes

When you don't have's as if on your breath you choke

You shake, scratch, and fiddle

In deep need of that single dirty needle

No matter where it comes from

You just know you need some

You give up your body for that one hit

Knowing its killing you but you just can't quit

Your kicked out of your only home and your school

'Cause we all know 'No Drugs' is the #1 rule

Yet you can't stop trying to be cool so you continue to look like the main fool

Your family and friends turn their backs

Your return we can already see is one long gone fact

On your casket I'll lay a single lovely white flower

But over my body I'm going to keep my power.....


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.   

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