Killing Me

There's a song in the streets.

It's right below our feet.

We choose to ignore it.

We all learn to take a hit.

There's a child screaming mercy.

The President's a controversy.

Her body's naked on the ground.

He can buy cocaine by the pound.

My right to live is dictated.

My trans siblings are frustrated.

They say America The Great.

But kids are being raped at age eight.

But trans folks are being killed.

Our whole country needs t' rebuild.

But they can't own their body.

And everybody's a nobody.

We need to change it all.

Need to avoid our fall.

They're allowed to live and breathe.

Our guns, we need to sheathe.

Nobody needs to die.

No child needs to cry.

America needs change, our world needs to act.

We can't change it all after the fact.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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