Killer Memories



I havedreams are thse dreams that are trying to kill me


Each dream is based off a different memory

It's never the good ones but only the bad

It's always the ones that make me really sad

These memories are from when I was bullied because of my stutter

There from that time that bully smeared my face in butter

Threse dreams are making worried about what might happen next

The bullies in my memories have made me very vext

These dreams these memories are fogging up my image of humanity

These meories these dreams are driving me further and further toward insanity

Sometimes the only what to make these dreams stop

Is by putting a gun to my head and making it go pop

Or just take me and the earth and pull them apart

By driving a steak knife through my heart

But with these dreams they is a little light

The light is hope and it shines bright

the light gives me hope that things might change

But these dreams are getting more and more strange

These dreams are the result of pure insanity

I swear these dreams are trying to kill me

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