It’s difficult seeing you so content because I’m sure I was never nothing more than a pasttime.

You’re like a walking regret that I wish I had the chance to take by the hand

And whisper, ‘give me one more chance.’

One more chance to be able to show you who I truly am behind these walls

That are longer than the wall of china and thicker than the layers of water in the ocean

You’re a walking nightmare that I wish I could wake from

Because honestly, I’m tired of waking up and facing reality

Scared and helpless of what is to come with a world without you.

You’re a war field that holds all the deaths of me

And I am a solider that lost its battle the moment you shot the gun through my heart

Not once but multiple times and looked me in the eyes everytime.

You’re a serial killer who has not been caught.

The way you killed my smile, my dreams, my ambitions, my personality, and still managed

To pull my heart out right out of my chest, crushing every last piece of me.

You’re the man I fell in love but I’m sure this means nothing to you.

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