Kill Your Darlings


Yeah, I appreciate what you do.
Thank you for spending a little extra time
looking over my essay with me after school.
I know its a long ride home for you
and I know you don't get paid for the overtime.
So thank you for taking an interest,
for trying to help me succeed in college.
But wow, that's lot of red ink.
I should really take that line out?
Oh that one too? I really like that one.
Yeah, I know "kill your darlings," I know.
I just thought I'd gotten it right this time.
Just a little more practice?
Just a few more edits?
This is my third try!
Look, I really do, I appreciate your help,
but does that line really have to go too.
Oh, and that one too, now, well, fuck!
Should I just scrap the whole fucking essay?
I know, "kill your darlings."
Well, between my college essays
and every other measly little thing
that I have to do to get in
or to pray to God I get in
I'm a little stressed out of my mind.
And you know what? You aren't helping!
Not you! Not just you! You teachers!
Look, I like teachers. I respect them,
especially the ones who work for nothing
in a rat hole of a state like this
run by a jackass of a governor like him.
But would it kill you to give me a night off?
I have to outline an entire Euro chapter tonight
and the test is tomorrow, third period.
I thought senior year was supposed to be fun!
Are you listening to me? No, I'm talking to myself?
So you're not going to even consider giving us a night off?
Right I forgot, "Queens don't negotiate."
Well, I'm no queen, I'm a pauper
and I don't like to beg but I'll fucking do it.
Wait, why did you take out that line?
That one was where it all came together!
That one was my baby!
Right, "kill your darlings."
Well you sure as hell are killing me.


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