a kid's favorite tio (uncle)


it's a long walk 

to yankee stadium

walking down 161st where his favorite tio lived


he still drinks his pina colada

and a patelito filled with chopped up chicken

in the inside

he still enjoys the company 

of a woman

though he is been a grandfather repeatedly


but the occasional drink

and the occasional woman

did not affect his medicine

in which made him stronger

that came from home remedy


his gift in his sense of smell is impeccable

he can smell if the person is good

he can smell if the person is bad

he can smell if the person hasn't washed in weeks

he can smell death when it happens to someone

even more so

if death is creeping up around the corner


he is blind and despite the fact he cannot see

like a blind swordsman, he looks at people

through the eyes of true seeing in his soul

his vision will not be deceived


even though it is 90 degree hot summer weather

walking down 161st st feels like eternity

but it is always worth the walk


and he is always mindfully conscious 

to bring him a bottle of pina colada

and chicken pastelito

as an offering to his favorite uncle

who continues to live life in all glory

in his own terms

Guide that inspired this poem: 



Hello Robert, I am a recent high school graduate, I will be 18 in just a few months. 

I saw that you were on the mentoring list and your bio caught my attention. I was just wondering if 

you would please mentor me with my writing and give me any advice on my poetry. This is truly my 

one and only way of escaping, feeling free. Writing helps me. I'd truly appreciate if you could help



Thank you!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

how you doing rolling stone (username lol)?

this is my purpose in being a power poetry mentor is to empower young people to achieve aspirations

i encourage and support young people to be better writers

its no problem at all to advice and support your poems

1st thing is sending me poems you written so i can read and enjoy your thougths

lets begin with that process

thanks so much


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