A Kid's Dream


Wanting to fulfill a dream is more than just dreaming.

You got to act, innovate and create.

Things just don't come when you lay in your bed,

They come when that knowledge is being used in your head.

Dreaming to be the next president, or making the dreams of ghetto children more evident.

Whatever is your dream, do it with all of your beating heart.

Dreaming is more like art. The more the effort put in, the more the beauty comes out of the paint tin.

The less work, it is going to look like modern art in the end.

Dream until your heart's content,

But dreaming alone is not going to pay your rent.

Got to step in to the unknown, and take a risk.

Like trying to become an astronaut,

Or becoming a medic and saving someone's life after they were shot.

Dream until your life end, 

But when you go make sure the world knows the message you've send.

''Dreaming and dedication is what got me here.

Don't dream in fear, but dream so that the whole world hear that even my dreams people can hear.''




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This poem certainly is a calling to those who ever dream- which really should be all of us. It speaks to those who understand that having a dream takes a lot of work and dreaming it up is only the easiest part. Then again like I always say the message is for those who don't know, rather than those who already do. This would be a great poem to start a conversation for classes like my old College & Careers course in high school, it would start a great discussion on the difference between wanting something and working towards it. Thank you so much for sharing this piece.



Thank you for reading. Do you write poetry? I would like to hear your stuff if you do.

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