The kid who loves Summer school.

The alarm goes off and he jumps out of bed,with a cheery smile he says "Good morning",excited already for the day ahead,while in the shower he loves to sing. He's eager to get dressed and take his medication,already excited he's full of nervous energy,talking about the day ahead, he knows his destination,when his med's kick in, he'll experience some lethargy. The boy paces the front yard path,looking out for the yellow school bus,sadly, he's not very good at math,but for his personality, he gets an A Plus. The boy hates to be late hes obsessed with time,listening to music on his I-pod, he loves to beatbox,I gaze at the old oak tree that he used to climb,one of his quirks is that he likes to wear long socks. Looking East and looking West,shielding his eyes from the rising sun,you often hear him say "I'm doing my best", I say softly "Tie your shoelace, its come undone". He's on his way to Summer school,to hang out with his old friends,accepted by all they never ridicule,four days a week he eagerly attends. He looks at the cars as they drive by,recognizing neighbors he gives them a wave,if cars goes too fast, he points and says "Bad guy",I have to remind him that its not the way to behave. Sometimes his choices are not so positive,daily, he needs guidance in the right direction,repeating everything he hears, he's very talkative,he doesn't understand the meaning of rejection. Finally, he sees the school bus coming around the bend,he skips and cheers and waits near the curb,he gives me a bear hug and calls me his best friend,it paints a pretty picture in our leafy suburb. His Summer school is for kids with disabilities,he makes everyone smile with his altruism,but all of his school friends have special capabilities,the boy is my son and he has autism. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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