A Kid With The Mind Of A Thousand Words

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 13:56 -- dario

When I see the injustice of this world, tend to be filled with anger

It’s been there ever since I was a kid like a rowing ember

Something that couldn't end or fade out

I couldn’t seem to get it out I just wanted to shout


one day when I was listening to my speechless music

A band came on screaming about the things I see everyday  

It was a fusion if anger and tranquility where there was no losing

I learned to get lost and keep the worst thoughts at bay


From there, the sound of voices of people evolved

I felt like all my problems were almost solved

But then a big dark mist of negativity took over my mind

But suddely I heard it “when I was a kid” I was met with a voice so so kind


I went from listening to green day, to sex pistols, to Shane Koyczan’s poems

I went from angry, to straight up hatred, to holding a toy gun to my head

But Koyczan made me realize I wasn’t alone i wasn't broken

From there I branched out and these new words moved me ahead


Then I chose to wright my way out

I told myself asnew born seventeen year old kid

Is going to get out of this without a doubt

So no i didn't slit my wrist because i found a way to turn the bad into something good  


So Like Neil Hilborn I was able to vent out my frustration

He and many others are my punk rock johns screaming to me that I will be okay

That my sadness, rage, fear, anxious is just a narration

Of a poem I will write some day


Like most kids at my school I has a drug that I would take everyday

It was the worst drug you could take, one that can take you into a new worlds where you can see anything happen it was creative

This addiction wasn’t something I could just pray away

Soon after I felt like I lost everything In my young life, the only native in my blood was creative, and there was no rehabilitative


I need to find a way to let out my creative from my brain cell

I looked over at what many fools call a dead culture

So like a witch I started casting my spell

With my words i'm going to be as vicious vulture


Thanks to that band I found a way back when

I didn't enter a free fall of drugs or crime

I didn’t become the criminal people expect me to be because of my tan skin

Instead I picked up a pen and started writing looking for new ways to expand my vocabulary so i’d be able to climb to the top and keep Rhyming


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