Kid Like

When I was younger I often found myself chasing my shadow.

It was Thanksgiving....I did it every Thanksgiving.

I had this vivid imagination you see, and as aromas filled my house and family began cooking and conversing, I just wandered outside

getting lost in that brisk autumn air..

I was going to miss it once Summer rolled around.

So I'd run along Grandma's fields and try to catch my shadow.

I knew I'd never get it was a kid-like rush and I loved it.

So it was only when I'd sit down that my shadow would sit with me and then I could reach over to my side and touch that black blob that was plopped in the grass next to me.

Years later, I still do this.  I will do this again this November.  It is kid-like.  But it makes me happy.  And there is no age limit on happiness.

I learned from my shadow.

Many things I am going to face, are going to be beyond my limits and out of my reach.

Especially when I chase them as hard as I do.

It is when I rest and stop to enjoy the hellacious journey life has given me that I'll be able to 'touch' my destiny as I'd touch my shadow.

Life isn't a Marathon.  It's a sprint. Be Kid Like.  It is joyous.



when she said " when i was younger, i use to chase my shadow".

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