This Kid

This Kid


I look out the window and see blue sky

Picking up bugs and chasing butterflies

The days are long with play, naps and laughing

This kid is just beginning


I made it on the dance team, scored top in the speech meet

Played volleyball, and hung out all night talking about boys

Learned to write a report, had my heart broken,

This kid is starting to grow


My parents weren’t going to be married anymore.

My mom fought cancer and fought like a rockstar and won

My grandpa, got sick, we took care of him til he died

This kid catapulted to unkid stuff and stood up tall.


Wrestled I did, over and over.

Too much didn’t seem fair and knocked me around

To eat or not to eat, to lose weight til it’s too much

I longed for control of something - this kid stuck in the mud.


I know, I learned, that not all of life is fair, in fact not even the goal

Life is precious & beautiful in its twists and turns

To love, to run, to laugh, to learn and stretch and grow

This kid, will hope to stay in the wonder of seeing life as a kid always.


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