Keys beneath my fingers, I tune the words like the notes

Play the story like a song

Create the music in a poem

Click-click-click to the beat of my own imagination

And even though I used to I know that both of us are more

I care about nothing more than the words spun

And the metaphors that appear on the glowing screen

And the keys that bear letters

Letters that come together to make music


And I pound out at random anything that comes to mind

Find notes and rhymes that have potential and

Inspiration, how to break each stanza into verses

Or lines, just notes that happened to be.

And I was saved. I cast out for rescue and I came up with

Crayons and charcoal and keys

Keys on a computer, keys to unlock doors

And worlds alike. Keys that become words that become songs and poems

And novels and just word after word after word

Until the doors are all unlocked

And I have it all.



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